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Some places you just can't get enough of

Posted on April 16, 2016 at 11:55 PM

I will be headed to the island I call home again in May. I have lost count of how many times we have visited her; but she still holds secrets for me to learn. She definitely holds my heart. The warmth of her people combined with its musical heritage calls me whenever I am away. Jamaica, sweet Jamaica I soon come.


This time we will be staying at Couples Swept Away. I have visited Couples Tower Isle and Couples San Souci but this will be our first time staying at a resort of the chain. This resort is located on the beautiful 7 mile beach of Negril. I am not a stranger to this long white beach. We have stayed at Sandals Negril and Beaches Negril; both are located a walk away from this resort. I am excited to see the difference and experience the laid back feel I hear so much about. I look forward to the flag drink service on the beach as I lay basking in the sun.r. Something about the beach and waves makes it so hard to get up and get motivated to do more than stare at the beauty around me. I am excited to visit yet another bar on the cliffs at sunset and experience its ambiance. We have been to Rick's Cafe many times to enjoy the sunset and allow my husband to face his fear of heights as he jumps from the cliffs. The included catamaran is bound to be a sunset to remember as this part of the island gives you perfect views.


Of course as is my lot in life I will be visiting as many resorts in the Negril area as I can with the Jamaican Tourist Board. I want to expand my knowledge and see more of Jamaica. The cliff side resorts really interest me and I asked to see several. I also asked to see some more laid back options.The less chain type resorts just seem right since Negril is said to be chill central.I try to rotate the area I stay in each time I return home. There are some places that just call to me to return.


Tours are usually a focus for me but I really just plan on getting out and about the town. The pub crawl sounds like a fun way to see much of the area and is high on my list. Long walks down the soft white sand to Margaritaville or simply a few vendors or a local restaraunt are not far behind.


I feel blessed to travel as I do. I have to work some, that is true, but I will not let life pass me by. I want to live life NOW! I want to see all I can and embrace new things. I hope I inspire others to do the same.




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